Wasted Time

It is a Friday morning and I am wasting precious vacation time sitting on my patio. A summer storm is approaching so it is cloudy and breezy, a welcome relief from the heat. I am reading, cleaning out personal emails and reading all of the articles I have saved to read. The dog is lounging … Continue reading Wasted Time


I am in love with Oceanlifting her thousands of white hatsin the chop of the storm,or lying smooth and blue, theloveliest bed in the world. In the personal life, there isalways grief more than enough,a heart-load for each of uson the dusty road. I supposethere is a reason for this, so I will bepatient, acquiescent. … Continue reading Ocean

Mantra Monday

I allow myself to release all that no longer serves me. As humans we tend to stuff emotions so we do not have to feel anything even slightly uncomfortable. When emotions try to surface, we stuff them down with food, drink, drugs, binge TV, extreme dieting, anger, shopping and other activities that actually harm the … Continue reading Mantra Monday

Summer Mornings

Mornings are my sacred time for movement, self-care and meditation. My routine has evolved over the years and is based on Ayurveda guidelines. My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. Upon rising I change into workout clothes, scrape my tongue and head outside to walk my dog. She is also a backup alarm that limits … Continue reading Summer Mornings