I remember sitting on a school bus in 1981 durning the time of year that was not winter, but it was not spring. My face was pressed against the window as I looked at the black slush that was once snow. The life of a high school freshman is hard; trying to be invisible helped. … Continue reading Longing

Summer’s End Music for the Melancholy

https://open.spotify.com/user/lastmango2/playlist/6fdjv8qO41pKUUggPw3tCh?si=gT47a48QQ-mWPLjRFzkH1A https://youtu.be/nXbEFTv9zr0 Sunday morning as I started the car this song came on. The sadness and longing in John Prince’s simple song make me cry almost every time I hear it. This morning, as I created an Instagram story of the last of the tomatoes in the overgrown garden, the song popped up on a … Continue reading Summer’s End Music for the Melancholy