It was a beautiful month on the trails and in the woods. Deep in the woods of Mammoth Cave National Park No idea what created these holes. Favorite vantage point. Snack break

Fall Day

Jessi and Beau on the hunt. Fall flowers: Pigeon Peas Goldenrod has a bad reputation for causing allergies, but it has an important role as the last major food source for pollinators before winter . Sumac Milkweed The arrival of Coralberry means winter is on the horizon. This is a winter food source for birds. … Continue reading Fall Day

Almost Heaven

One of the best things about moving is I can drive backroads to the farm. I have watched spring become summer and the transition to early fall. I have watched storms move in and I have been amazed by the sky. Take me home, country road…. To the place where I belong, my old Kentucky … Continue reading Almost Heaven

Barn Life

Jolene does not care for the ‘no dogs in the barn rule” Recently I moved to be closer to my parents and the horses. I now take the horse and barn care every Sunday evening. Tools of the trade Dad’s art work and feeding instructions Inside View Pete (in the drawing above) and old Moe.

Four-Year-Old Me

Saturday I was in the woods riding with my good friend . We were deep a large, old growth forrest full of oak, maple, birch, hickory, walnut and sycamore trees. The light breeze moved vibrantly green leaves enough to make the light dance on the trail. The dense canopy blocked the harsh sun light and … Continue reading Four-Year-Old Me