The craving hit hard and fast as I watched my young Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie struggle to control her legs. Her brain and body were not communicating. I had rushed her to the vet to find that she was having a reaction to medication. There was a chance that the affects could be offset with … Continue reading Quitter

Barn Life

Jolene does not care for the ‘no dogs in the barn rule” Recently I moved to be closer to my parents and the horses. I now take the horse and barn care every Sunday evening. Tools of the trade Dad’s art work and feeding instructions Inside View Pete (in the drawing above) and old Moe.


We were touring the skeletal remains of corn fields in search of Sandhill Cranes, but we did not hear any bugle calls or see large birds in flight. It seemed the winter visitors had already migrated to their next residence. Occasionally a fleck of ice would mix with the drizzle hitting the windshield of the … Continue reading Redbud

A Broken Arm, Cancer Season, Mercury Retrograde and Dog Trainingo

Blue Heelers (Australian Cattle Dogs) are smart, high energy, alert, protective and loving towards their “herd.” They require lots of exercise and training. They can be aggressive towards other dogs and strangers. They are not ideal for condo living. I have read that it can take four years to train one. I have found this … Continue reading A Broken Arm, Cancer Season, Mercury Retrograde and Dog Trainingo