“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” Words by Kris Kristofferson, hit by Janis Joplin. “Me and Bobby McGee”

One Year Anniversary

Earlier this spring, I sat on my couch surround by stacked boxes full of my belongings. I was taking a packing break by reading my favorite subscription blog, TwoBossyDames. I follow the duo for their wit, writing and pop culture. Just two Millennial librarians helping this Gen Xer stay current. This spring they ask their … Continue reading One Year Anniversary

Summer Solstice

Yesterday was officially the Summer Solstice, but the energy and light remain the same for three days, through June 23rd. This is a time of light in the Northern Hemisphere. A time of restoration, rest and expansion. Consider how you can mark the zenith of the sun: enjoy a garden, plant flowers, spend time outside, … Continue reading Summer Solstice


As soon a school ended in May of 1982, my parents, my two siblings, our large Irish Setter-Black Lab mix, Sam, and I squeezed into our Toyota Corolla Hatchback to drive from Omaha, Nebraska to Yellowstone National Park. This was not for vacation. My father was a Park Service employee and had been transferred from … Continue reading Yellowstone

Wasted Time

It is a Friday morning and I am wasting precious vacation time sitting on my patio. A summer storm is approaching so it is cloudy and breezy, a welcome relief from the heat. I am reading, cleaning out personal emails and reading all of the articles I have saved to read. The dog is lounging … Continue reading Wasted Time


When I was a kid it seemed like I spent most of my summer in rural Western Kentucky with my grandmother. When I picture her on those hot days, I see her in a housedress. The simple, cotton dresses were loose fitting but not oversized, usually white, sometime with a delicate print of small flowers … Continue reading Housedress

Four-Year-Old Me

Saturday I was in the woods riding with my good friend . We were deep a large, old growth forrest full of oak, maple, birch, hickory, walnut and sycamore trees. The light breeze moved vibrantly green leaves enough to make the light dance on the trail. The dense canopy blocked the harsh sun light and … Continue reading Four-Year-Old Me