Old Moe I arrived at the farm on Saturday morning. It was a perfect fall day where short sleeves with a suede jacket were the perfect amount of layering. The sun was out and the pastures and trees were still green with signs of fall color on the smaller decorative trees.  I was happy to … Continue reading Shadows


It was a beautiful day, sunny day that was warm but not hot. Dad and I had loaded two horses into the trailer and were on our way to a favorite trial head.  It was a picture-perfect day for trail riding. Before we left the farm, I did a quick prayer for protection. After all … Continue reading Flats

Indian Summer

The temperatures are still in the upper 80’s in Kentucky and Tennessee. Some leaves are starting to turn but spots of summer color remain. By next weekend it will be in the 60’s and fall will take her seasonal turn. “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a … Continue reading Indian Summer


I am in love with Oceanlifting her thousands of white hatsin the chop of the storm,or lying smooth and blue, theloveliest bed in the world. In the personal life, there isalways grief more than enough,a heart-load for each of uson the dusty road. I supposethere is a reason for this, so I will bepatient, acquiescent. … Continue reading Ocean