Barn Life

Jolene does not care for the ‘no dogs in the barn rule” Recently I moved to be closer to my parents and the horses. I now take the horse and barn care every Sunday evening. Tools of the trade Dad’s art work and feeding instructions Inside View Pete (in the drawing above) and old Moe.


At one point Bardstown, Kentucky was named the most beautiful small town in America. It is a charming town in the cradle of the Bourbon industry. The second oldest city in the state, it is 60 miles from Lexington and 41 miles from Louisville. It is a beautiful town in a beautiful location. Due to … Continue reading Bardstown

What the….

I am a Kentuckian. For some of you that will bring to mind beautiful horses, bourbon and basketball. For others it may be cruel jokes about intelligence and cousins. The ugliest thing I have ever seen or heard thrown at the people of this Commonwealth is that the devastating floods in Eastern Kentucky are because … Continue reading What the….