Necessary Evil

When I was in high school I viewed each day spent in classes as a necessary evil before basketball or volleyball practice. I did not enjoy spending all day sitting and listening, particularly to things that bored me. I discovered this way this way of thinking has stayed with me. When the pandemic hit, my … Continue reading Necessary Evil


I’ve had friends ask me if my old horse gets jealous when I work with my new horse. I don’t know the emotional range of horses, but I do know that the old one knows when he had been retired. Jubilee My Dad used to ride a beast that I called the Magnificent SOB. His … Continue reading Jealousy

Buck Norms

When I was four-years-old I made two announcements: 1. I was an adult and would be treated as such, and 2. I was not going to have babies so I did not need a daddy. I was going to raise puppies. Everyone thought that was cute, but I was not kidding. As I aged, I … Continue reading Buck Norms