Mr. Ed?

The barn on the farm was built before the house. The house was built in 1863. Originally it was a tobacco barn, but a previous owner turned it into to a horse barn with six large stalls and ample spaces for hay and grain storage. Last Saturday I went down to the barn to groom … Continue reading Mr. Ed?


An old man in overalls and a beat up ball cap was standing on the edge of a Saturday farmer’s market at a Nashville church. He had several plastic grocery store bags next to him. He would talk to people as they left. In the way of city people, some would walk by and never … Continue reading Iris

Epic Ending

In a year of loss on so many levels, the sad news I received yesterday caught me off guard until I realized I was a reason for the ending. My lower back betrayed me in the spring of 2014. I was in pain. I could not find relief or answers. It hit the point where … Continue reading Epic Ending