“Be curious, not judgmental.” Walt Whitman In a climactic scene in “Ted Lasso,” the main character mentions this quote and explains that among the many people who dismissed him throughout his life, not a single one was curious. “They thought they had everything figured out, so they judged everything and everyone. If they were curious, … Continue reading Superpower

Ride Along

April 4th ride with Big Moe on a recently reworked section of Raymer Hollow trail in Mammoth Cave National Park. Big Moe is a Tennessee Walking Horse. This is our third time on trail together. The head nod is his natural movement that keeps the rhythm of his natural gait which does not bounce me. … Continue reading Ride Along


Sister is not only a middle child, she also has the same birthday as Dad. This means she shares what is usually someone’s special day. As a kid it bothered me when Dad would say something like “Sister is the best gift I ever received.” By sharing this birthday with Dad, sister never got her … Continue reading Conduit

Moe Squared

In January I was struggling to create a 2021 vison board. Probably it was because there was only thing I could confidently say that I wanted: a calm, willing to please, sure-footed, good natured Tennessee Walking Horse that brings me joy as we smoothly gait down the trail. I told everyone that would listen that, … Continue reading Moe Squared

Time Out

Around both the Spring and Fall Equinox I take a break, a time out as is traditional in Ayurveda. I hesitated calling it a cleanse because in current cultural speak I see cleanse being used as a code word for an extreme diet posing as something healthy. A cleanse does not have to be food. … Continue reading Time Out


Moe The first time I saw Moe was on a cool March day in a horse barn outside of Jamestown, Tennessee. Alice opened the stall door and led out a tall, lankly, solid black, four-year-old, Tennessee Walking Horse whose movement was liquid. I was looking into the eyes of the embodiment of my childhood dreams … Continue reading Shoes


“How much do you weigh,” asked my friend MB as she worked on the form to secure my COVID shot. “I don’t know,” I replied. Truth be told, I have not known for years. I used to weigh myself weekly, sometimes more. I would live and die with the number. Mostly I just berated myself … Continue reading Scales