The Next Right Step

In June 1995, I turned in my two weeks notice and then took the afternoon off to go buy a new car. I was miserable in Washington D.C. and wanted to move to Nashville, the place where I had always wanted to live. A good friend from college had just inherited a house, so I had a place to live. Her only requirement was that I had to help with the utilities. Though scary, I knew that I was taking the right step from me. It turned out that Nashville was the place for me.

Last year, after 28 years in Nashville, I moved to Kentucky to be closer to my parents and horses. I had found a job that seemed to be a good fit for me and my skills. I bought a house and sold a house. I knew this was the next right step for me.

Today is the one year anniversary of that move. It is also my first day of unemployment. Though that job was not the right fit for me or my skills, it served a purpose. It was the bridge I needed to get me home. I know that I have taken the next right step.

And I trust that the next right step will show up when it is time. It always has.

Yes, quitting a job and not know what I will do next is scary, but I would rather be scared than miserable.

During the COVID slow down, I spent a lot of time dreaming of what I truly wanted.

The dream has arrived.

4 thoughts on “The Next Right Step

  1. ZeroSpace says:

    Wonderful, congrats. I am on day 2 of unemployment myself today, same thing, I resigned without burning any bridges or anything, just needed a break to find myself. I am enjoying day 2 and hope you have a great experience now and for the duration of it.

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