Wordle Chronicles

I don’t remember how or when it started, but one of my dearest friends and I share Wordle results almost daily.
I’ll admit the game frustrates me more often than not. I keep playing in hopes that it holds off memory loss, but more importantly because it is a daily touch point with someone that is important to me. I would not continue if not for the text chain.
The commentary and daily touch point is grounding, bonding, and creates connection. The text message on a common, daily experience provide a sense of belonging. Wordle fosters love, friendship and amusement, none of which are five letter words.
We live three hours apart, but this game closes the gap each day.

5 thoughts on “Wordle Chronicles

  1. Martha Kennedy says:

    I am not good at this, then I got Covid which left me with residual Covid brain which, paradoxically, made me a lot better at Wordle. I think I’m totally well now because when I loaded it to play today, and got two letters, I thought, “Why?” and closed it. 🙂

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