Barn Life: Meet the Boys

Pete was born on the farm. He has always been like the bratty little brother of the bunch.
Huckleberry, a large strawberry roan, is Dad’s main ride. Each horse has a fan in the summer. They are in during the day and outside at night. The schedule will flip in October.
Palomino Prince was born on the farm over twenty years ago. He is like a large puppy and very gentle. Now retired due to his back hip issues, he was a fun ride.
Moe was my ride foe 21 years. At 28 he has earned his retirement. He never did like my camera. He dug out the entire side of his stall so the fan gets all of his back.
When I was looking for a new horse, I kept writing down all the things I wanted and would say, ‘I want another Moe.’ It so happened the horse I found met all my requirements and was named Big Moe.
Big Moe, Huck and Prince

19 thoughts on “Barn Life: Meet the Boys

  1. Writer McWriterson says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your dear friends with us. Prince was the name of my mother’s childhood horse. Ella continues to ride horses on a weekly basis. For many years, they have provided her therapy. Like the quote says, “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” ❤️

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  2. Martha Kennedy says:

    I never knew I wanted a horse until 2014 when my neighbors got Brownie, a senior pinto quarter horse (28) who shared my fence. I’ve hardly loved anything more than that horse. I spent so much time with him, learning from him. He was pretty lonely and made a herd out of my dobie/lab mix, Dusty T. Dog and Lily T. Wolf (Siberian husky). I’d come home from teaching and find them all together by the fence. Brownie knew that a carrot was coming as soon as I put my stuff down. He missed me when I was gone and nickered and pawed the ground the minute he heard my car on our road. I never never never imagined knowing a being like that. If I’d known then where I was moving (9/2014) I’d have kept him when his people moved away, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know that my temporary Colorado home would be a cabin in Del Norte where horses were welcome. Not that I know how to care for a horse, but Brownie could probably have told me most of what I needed to know. He told me when he needed hay, water and, of course, a carrot. Grain? Out of my pay grade at the time but I could have learned. I still miss him. We’d have been fine here. All this to say I love these photos.

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