Four-Year-Old Me

Saturday I was in the woods riding with my good friend . We were deep a large, old growth forrest full of oak, maple, birch, hickory, walnut and sycamore trees. The light breeze moved vibrantly green leaves enough to make the light dance on the trail. The dense canopy blocked the harsh sun light and dropped the temperature a few degrees. As it is technically still spring, the horseflies, mosquitoes and other pests have not yet hatched. We had the trail to ourselves. Our Tennessee Walking Horses picked the pace and clicked off the miles while staying side by side. It was a perfect day. They were happy to be on the trail.

Taking in the moment, I had the realization that I was living the dream of four-year-old me. I know that she is so happy having a horse she enjoys and a good friend that likes to ride as much and as fast as she does.

I have all I ever wanted.

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