Every Time a Bell Rings…

I don’t intentionally seek out themes for meditation, prayer and journaling as what I need seems to find me. For the better part of January, the message that keep coming to me for exploration was, “What is true?”

I have decided that 2022 is the year that I will take a major step towards the dream that I have had since I was a child. “Someday” will not just show up without action. I have also reached the point where I am just stalling. Now is the time to venture forward or stay stuck. Routine is nice, even safe, but it is not what I have always known was my ultimate desire.

Dreaming big and taking baby steps has awakened every fear I have ever had play in the background of mind. I have had to process memories of people and situations that I allowed to convince me that I was not cool or popular and therefore no one liked me. Yeah, that freshman year of high school ugliness destroyed my confidence for a couple of years. I had no idea that the meanness of two girls whose names I no longer remember still had power over my inner voice.

I have been turning to Alana Fairchild’s “Mother Mary Oracle” when I feel overwhelmed and in need of direction or comfort.

The card (from a deck purchased on Amazon or the purchased app) that has come up for me multiple times is “Our Lady of Truth.”  This oracle is a reminder that when expressing my truth, I am moving in accordance with Source and my Divine gifts.  “In those moments, your voice and every action rings true like a bell, sending out waves of sound that cut through that which no longer serves you,” reads the introduction to the card.

The healing meditation includes envisioning a white bell of light whose sound echoes through the body, raising my frequency. Higher frequencies support stepping into truth. There is as affirmation to recite three times after the meditation. Praying to live in truth with kindness, compassion and courage for the greatest good of all is both daunting and comforting.

I have used a generic playlist of Tibetan bowls for my yoga and meditation practice, in my office and as students arrive to and leave my yoga classes. I have used the affirmation as a prayer.

Living truthfully wakes up fear. Continued practice brings self-compassion.

7 thoughts on “Every Time a Bell Rings…

  1. Carrie Cannady says:

    Sarah, a beautiful post about living your truth. Martha Beck would probably say you are moving toward living in your integrity…when body, mind, spirit and heart are aligned. I highly recommend her latest book, “The Way of Integrity.” I wish you well as you open to your truth (not someone else’s for you) and your true being. 🙏🏻💕

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  2. Wynne Leon says:

    Wow, your last paragraph is powerful. “Living truthfully wakes up fear. Continued practice brings self-compassion.” I really enjoy your description of the meditation with the white bell of light. .

    I find it so interesting that you are being guided to the question of “what is true?” It seems like a deep practice and I can’t wait to read what that opens in your life. Thanks for sharing with us!

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  3. Bethany @ Happily Loco says:

    Truth is a topic that has come up repeatedly today, beginning with a conversation I had with my yoga teacher after class this morning. I think the Universe is trying to tell me something… 😉 My word of the year is “let go” (Yes, I know it’s two words!).


  4. Ally Bean says:

    I just realized that I’ve not been getting notice of your posts. Am late to commenting here, but thought I’d drop by to say “hi!” Good luck with your move [that I read about on Kari’s blog].


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