I started playing WORDLE in January. I sucked at it. I found it challenging, but I kept showing up to play each morning. I don’t remember if my brother or I brought it up to the other first, but daily results started appearing in our text chain. He and I talk and/or text every day, so this was just another topic to add to our usual mix of good news, bad news, jokes, discovered songs, podcast episodes, YouTube videos and whatever one of us wants to share. It is nice to have that go-to person who will appreciate obscure references, weird humor and daily life stuff.

My sister asked if I knew about this game WORDLE. I said that I did and added that Brother and I share results daily. She wanted in on the text chain. While all three of us us are competitive, she may have the strongest drive to crush all competitors, particularly in word and board games.

I do not do communicate with my sister daily. It is not unusual for us to not talk for a week or two. Sometimes we get along better when we don’t talk. Such is the nature of siblings.

With WORDLE, all three of us are communicating daily. This not happened since we were kids living in the same house. We respect the no spoilers rule, but other insights are appearing. It is interesting to see what time of day each person plays and the visual of how each of us approaches reaching a solution. There is gentle ribbing, streaming recommendations, COVID test results, memes, and other little hints of daily life. It is fun. I find myself looking forward to the daily check-in and comments.

I am enjoying this ease of communication with my sister. I’m glad this is something the three of us share. I know something will change, perhaps a New York Times paywall, but I hope we can find something else to keep this daily check in for the three of us.

7 thoughts on “WORDLE Unites

  1. Lib Bain says:

    Just started playing this weekend!!

    Liberty A thick and shapeless tree-trunk would never believe that it could become a statue, admired as a miracle of sculpture, and would never submit itself to the chisel of the sculptor, who sees by her genius what she can make of it. (St. Ignatius).


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  2. E.A. Wickham says:

    My son introduced me to Wordle and we share our results each day. A friend I haven’t heard from in 20 years now shared Wordle results with me daily! My son has a strategy. He googled the most used letters in the alphabet and created three “starter” words with them: earnt, coils and dumpy. I start with the first two and I usually get most of the letters. If not, I type in the third word. It works!

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