Banning Books…What are You Trying to Hide?

Protecting children from nudity and violence is more important than the history in an age appropriate graphic novel about the Holocaust.

These are some the books now banned by some Tennessee school boards. As a life long reader of banned books, I have read 7 of the 12 above. I now have five new books on my reading list.

I started reading voraciously at a young age. My parents let me read anything I wanted. I was reading best sellers by sixth grade. Some of the content was not age appropriate, but I learned so much about the experiences of others and history. Reading is how I learned empathy.

I just do not buy that banning Maus, The Color Purple (often quoted on this blog,) Their Eyes Were Watching God (also mentioned on this blog) or Kite Runner is about protecting children. I think is is about hiding history and silencing diverse voices.

18 thoughts on “Banning Books…What are You Trying to Hide?

  1. Carrie Cannady says:

    Sarah, I stand with you and will not be quiet by simply “liking ” your post. These decisions are also about white supremacy and “putting people in their places.” Their fear is palpable, and the children will be the ones who lose if they do not have access to these wonderful and important books. Thank you for speaking out.

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