The day before Thanksgiving I was listening to “The Marie Forleo Podcast” as I ran some final errands around town. The topic was how to disagree and still get along at the holiday table. I was not expecting uncomfortable topics around the table, but sometimes my family can get sideways in our communication. The takeaway from the podcast that stayed with me was to see the humanity in each person around the table. On the backside of the holiday, I see how I needed to hear that message.

Families are hard. Siblings act out from old wounds. Aging parents with health and memory issues aggravated by COVID are vulnerable. I can’t change any of this, but I can see the humanity of each person at that table.

After a long weekend of staying in a seeing mindset, I feel at peace with my time at home. I have come to the conclusion that to truly see another’s humanity, you must see your own vulnerability. Accepting the humanness in yourself and others is the giving and receiving of Grace.

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