Fall Meditation

As part of my daily practice of yoga, meditation and journaling, I like to include some type of self inquiry. Asking a question at the beginning of a yoga practice, walk meditation and/or morning pages can often lead to the answer appearing later in the day. 

Fall is a time of death that is easily seen in tree leaves changing color and falling away, leaving the tree bare. Fields are left fallow in the winter so that they may regenerate to bust forth with new life in the spring. Being of nature, we mere mortals also have cycles of release and growth. Sometime we must release old patterns, limiting beliefs or shadow motivations/behaviors to burst forward. The following is my take on a fall meditation.

Imagine you are a fall tree. See the tree, notice your location and the surrounding area. Notice the weather, the breeze, the sun. Put yourself fully in the setting. Next focus in on the leaves; see the color, notice the shape, the amount of leaves on the tree. Take moment to fully visualize your tree.

As you see your tree, ask yourself, where am I holding onto what I must let release? Just sit with the question, to need to rush to or create an answer. Allow the question to ruminate in your body. 

When you are ready, return to the image of your tree. It is ok if you do not have an answer. Watch the leaves come off of the tree. Some scatter or dance on the wind while others drift lazily to the ground. You may choose to name some of the leaves as they come loose and make their way to the ground.

Take as long as you need, there is no time minimum or maximum. If you feel the need to journal, do so. If you feel like walking, go for a walk.  Don’t worry if an answer does not come immediately. It will. Sometimes questions and emotions need time and space to come to consciousness and/or to release. Some have to be released over and over.

Repeat as need. Feel free to change the question and have the leaves symbolize something else.

Other questions for your consideration: What needs to go? What am I ready for next?What am I looking to create? What is my why? Is this desire for next or to create coming from a shadow area? (Try imagining shadows – fear, jealousy, false of control, scarcity, etc.- as leaves) What does my body need? What is true for me in this moment? What do I need right now? What can I do right now?

21 thoughts on “Fall Meditation

  1. Ally Bean says:

    Beautifully written. I adore fall because I enjoy evaluating then letting go of that which doesn’t work. Plus this year, I am focused on answering your question “What am I looking to create?” I know my why, but have yet to decide on my exact what.

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  2. Kathy says:

    Sitting with “What do I need to release?” (long silence) The answer that just arose is any small desire arising that others should understand what I am trying to say. (Watching how the contraction seems to let go by itself by lovingly surrounding it with attention. Like a leaf falling from one of those beautiful trees when the time is right.) Thanks, Sarah.

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