Starlets, Vampires & Princesses

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Tayor Jenkin Reid

“Charisma is charm that inspires devotion.”

This may be the perfect beach read.

An aging starlet who has always been known as one of the most beautiful women in the world seemingly picks young writer to write her biography. While everyone will buy the book for the juicy gossip about the seven husbands and an affair, the real story is not what the gossip rags publish.

Some have mentioned that the story my be based on Elizabeth Taylor. There may be a few few similarities, but this is not the rehashing of Liz’s life.

There is one plot point I sloppy with an unrealistic glossing over that had me working out all the ways it was not plausible, but hey, it didn’t ruin the book.

This author also wrote “Daisy Jones and the Six” which is my all-time favorite audio book.

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix

“You’ve seen these women…they get silly after a single glass of wine. Their idea of living on the edge is to buy a pair of Christmas earrings that light up. They agonize far to long over whether or not to order dissert.”

I had put this one off after hearing mixed reviews. I read the author’s note at the intro which convinced me to give this one a chance. I enjoyed it. I also go a kick out of all the true crime books the book club has read. I’ve read all of them as well. Some editing could have helped the a sluggish section, but it was good book. Also an interesting viewpoint of the southern, stay-at-home moms  and homemakers.

It is now my fourth favorite vampire book after Anne Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire” and “The Queen of the Damned” and Seth Graham-Smith’s “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer.”

The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

In the spring I read her book “The Alice Network” on the beach, so it seemed fitting to close out the trip with “The Rose Code.” I highly recommend both books. NO spoiler, not even a synopsis, but I will say that both books are about women in World War II. Like authors Lian Moriarty and JoJo Moyes, Quinn understands her readers, their interest and what makes a good book club book. All three are masters of writing about women, for women with universal appeal.

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