Abundance in Melting Ice Cubes

Coming home from a 12-hour workday, I was ready for a celebratory drink. The entire day had been a celebration of a three year journey; a day of firsts that I will always remember.

I reached into the freezer for a some ice and came out with handful of melting cubes. My frozen veggies were softening. I did not dare open the fridge. I went to bed with my drink and a hoped that the fridge would magically right itself overnight.

It didn’t.

I quickly put what I could in a cooler with semi frozen I packs and rushed out the door for work. I texted my retired neighbor who walks my dog to see if she could save my frozen veggies. Soup season is coming and I had just stocked up on basic. As I share soup with this neighbor, she has a vested interest in my stockpile.

She went above and beyond by moving all of the contents in my fridge and freezer to her’s.

Once I got to work, I got on the web looking for a fridge. My first reaction was sticker shock followed by fear as so many fridges were on back order. I found a fridge at a reasonable price. It will be delivered in three weeks.

The winner!

This could easily be framed as a woe is me story, but I was met with abundance at every turn.

Last year I did a 40 day spiritual course around abundance. My take aways were that abundance is all around me if I only open my eyes to see that abundance flows from the Divine to me and through me. I believe this. I remind myself if this often.

Abundance is there. Just notice it. Giving is abundance. Notice that. Abundance is sacred. Trust that.

4 thoughts on “Abundance in Melting Ice Cubes

  1. shoreacres says:

    You made a good choice. I grew up in Newton, Iowa — the home of Maytag — and my dad was an engineer for the company. The company has had some ups and downs over the years, some of which weren’t at all related to the quality of their products. I’m far more familiar with their washers and dryers, but I know people who have the refrigerators, and they’re happy with them.

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