Beach Trip

He is the patriarch on the beach. Around him are his handsome, stout adult sons. The boys are the spitting image of him when he was in his 30’s. His wife, daughter-in- laws, one grandsons and two granddaughters round out his domain. A family custom made for the cover of any SEC school alumni magazine.

The oldest son is trying to teach his 6-year- old to jump the waves. The “swimmers” on the child’s arms are a concession to his wife and mother. The gangly child shows fear by turning away as the Alabama Gulf waves roll towards them. He keeps a tight grip on his son so the child will not fall or run. The child got ocean water in his eyes and is started to cry. The dad presses on taking his child further out into the sea. Each time the child falters, he looks back to make sure his father and brother did not see his betrayal, the display of weakness by his only boy.

The patriarch is still fit. He thinks he is fooling people, but the women five umbrellas down described him as the fit dude in his early 60’s. They did notice his air drumming on “Hotel California.” Chicks never did dig it.

He can fight all he wants, but his cultural touchstones, body and grandchildren will continue to betray him.

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