A student at the university where I work, stopped me to say thank you. She was honored that I had asked her to play a piano at a donor event. She was genuinely happy and grateful. I realized that by asking her to play, I had affirmed her talent and hard work. I had reaffirmed the value of what she holds dear, what brings her joy, her purpose. By valuing her I had also tapped into my joy, my purpose and affirmed my value.

I started the month asking myself, what is mine to create. The answer that came to me was space. I have focused on the theme of creating space in the yoga classes I teach. I have looked at how I can my space in my body and my home. Every day I have continued to ask what is mine to create?After two weeks the answer went from space to value. That caught my attention because not feeling valued has been a trigger and limiting belief form myself.

My interaction with the student opened my eyes. I can see that giving value may be my superpower. I have a friend who has said many times, “I love how you are with your people.” I now see that she is noticing how I treat my people by honoring their value.

“We are not called by God to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things with extraordinary love,” Jean Vanier

I see that for me, extraordinary love is providing and acknowledging the value of others.

I am learning more and more that everything is a flow: yoga, light, love, abundance and value. These things flow to and through me. The source of all, the giver of all is the Divine. By honoring my joy, the things the light me up, my joy and my gifts, I am living my Divine Purpose. That is extraordinary.

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