Buttery Leggings & Musicals

A few years ago I noticed woman at work wearing brightly colored leggings and what I thought were t-shirt dresses. Soon I was receiving invites to Facebook Live parties from a multitude of women at my unnamed, large employer. I love a great legging, but in basic black or blue. LuLaRoe was not for me

Last weekend I went deep into the world of LuLaRoe after watching Prime’s LuLaRich documentary. The series led me to internet searches for journalistic articles, reviews of the documentary, Twitter chains and podcasts for more on the dramatic rise and fall of the buttery-soft legging company. The LuLaRoe story combines some of my favorite rabbit holes: scams, pyramid schemes, fake feminism and Mormons.

If the documentary leaves you wanting more, I highly recommend season one of The Dream podcast which is about MLM businesses and pyramid schemes.

I lived in Utah for a year and a half as a child. I have been fascinated by Mormons, fundamentalist Mormons and their history since then. For a great history and a deep in dive into the FLDS, I highly recommend the podcast Unfinished: Short Creek.

It has been a crazy work week, so uncomplicated and fun TV was what I needed. Schmigadoon on Apple Plus is a delightful roast of musical theatre by a cast who loves the art form. For fans of musicals only. Haters will really dislike this one and miss the delightful nuances.

5 thoughts on “Buttery Leggings & Musicals

  1. Bethany @ Happily Loco says:

    I never owned LuLuRoe, but I do love brightly colored leggings. I usually buy children’s ones though–much cheaper! I have been intrigued by that documentary–MLM’s and scams always fascinate me.

    I had some friends growing up who were LDS. It definitely is a different world in some ways, and not in others.

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