The Sunday before Labor Day Weekend, I did an meditation with my on-line community. We started with box breathing*, then listened to the manta I have shared, and then meditated for five minutes on the question, what is mine to create.

What immediately came to me was the word space. I next spent the rest of the meditation floating in a black hole. It was not scary, I just knew I was floating in space even though I could not see the light of the stars. After the meditation many of the women in the community shared the messages of action or images of beauty that came to them. I stayed mum as I had no idea what my simple message of space meant.

Over the past week I have pondered this and I have repeated a variation of the meditation several times seeking clarity on the space that is mine to create.

I realized that my yoga/movement practices gave me space from my worries and fears while keeping me grounded. Walk breaks gave me space from my office and work issues. Time with friends gave me space from all of the above.

Labor Day Weekend Sunday was a rainy day. I felt a rare urge to attend to some of the piles is stuff and laundry that have piled up, literally I was making space. I listened to podcasts while I worked. One of the podcasts was on the importance of allowing feeling to flow and be released. When feelings get stuck they become a story which keeps one stuck in a pattern which restricts space.

The more space I gave myself, the more I started to see how space expands beyond me to what I share with others to give them space whether it is food they do not have to prepare while recovering from illness, a yoga practice or giving a loved one space to make their own decisions even if I do not like their choice. Yes, giving up the story or illusion of having control over another is creating space.

The notion of being the change I want to be in the world is overwhelming. But asking Spirit, “What is mine to create? What is my next right step?”, is a start. I will keep sharing physical and meditation practices to help others find space. Some may land with with others and some may not, but I am trusting my next steps.

*Box Breathing: In hale through your nose to a slow count of four, hold for a slow count of four, exhale through your mouth to a slow count of four, hold the air out for a slow count of four. Do four round to complete the box.

12 thoughts on “Space

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    I was reading your post and thinking about kinds of space and the name of our local land conservancy kept coming to my mind, “Groton Open Space Association.” I like the idea that a community figured out what is theirs to create and that they keep adding more properties for all of us to enjoy. I love the space they’ve made possible for my meditative walks.

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  2. leelah saachi says:

    I think we cannot create anything without having created space first.For me, it means becoming aware of the stuff I have placed between me and what I want to create. It needs to be allowed to be released

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  3. cattalespress says:

    I love this post and the notion of freeing up space, which is EXACTLY what I’ve been doing, one thing at a time, a little bit at a time. I also like your notion of asking spirit. I think right now in my life, I may be open to spirit too! Thank you. And thanks for the idea of box breathing! I’ll try and remember to do it! 🤍

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  4. Eilene Lyon says:

    You are so right! I like this notion of freeing up space. I am too good at storing resentment and am trying to find ways to get rid of these unhealthy obsessions. I really should start doing regular exercise and yoga again. It’s been too long.

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  5. ZeroSpace says:

    Reading your posts lately is beneficial to me. This space theme. Because I am struggling a bit and not feeling at my best. I even thought about all of this on my walk yesterday – how I was creating space. It goes to show that bloggers can be influential just by sharing thoughts and insights in this fashion.

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