Mantra Monday: Space

Meditation does not solve my problems or stresses, but the practice does give me space from both.

First thing every morning I move my body with yoga, dance, Essentrics or a walk. The practice of linking breathe to movement quiets the mind.

Next I will focus on breathe work, then listen to a chanted mantra and finish with meditation or prayer. I cue up my breathing video, manta and timer before I begin. I prefer lying on my couch with a pillow under my knees to sitting. I keep a blanket nearby as it is not unusual for my body temperature to drop during my practice.

For breathe work, I like the Wim Hoff method of 30 inhales and exhales and then a hold. In this video the holds are 30 second, a minute and a minute and 30 seconds. I like how my body tingles durning the holds and how I am working my lungs. It my take time to work up to the longer holds. If I need a sip of breathe, I take it. When I feel anxious, I find alternating pats the top of each thigh calms me.

Next I listen to a mantra. I find that repeating the mantra helps me to focus, even if I am only repeating OM.

Om Asatoma Sad-Gamay (Lead me from the untruth to the Truth) Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya (Lead me from darkness to light) Mrytror-Maa Amritam Gamaya (Lead me from death to immortality)

For the final step, I use a timer on the free app Insight Timer. Most days I use my five minute preset.

After the timer ends, I take a couple of moments to reenter the world. As I have to get ready for work, I make a point to listen to music or a positive podcast to help me stay in this relaxed, peaceful space as long as possible.

It took me a long time to mai rain a regular meditation practice. I tried lots of different things, but found that this practice is what works for me.

11 thoughts on “Mantra Monday: Space

  1. shoreacres says:

    This is interesting, though not for me. I do have my morning routine, though: put coffee on to brew, wash face, fill bird feeders, check temperature and humidity, drink coffee, spend an hour or so with my blogs, and then head off to work. It varies from day to day, depending, but it works. What’s important is finding what works.

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  2. ZeroSpace says:

    As always I stand in awe of your discipline. Morning walks are incredibly beneficial to me when I follow through and do them.
    But I find, especially as Autumn progresses, it can be difficult to get outside first thing after coffee. Compounded by my being more of an evening person.
    I follow through about 1/2 or 1/4 of the time in a week. Meanwhile the intention is Every Day, but man, I am just not there yet.
    But when I do walk briskly for an hour in the morning I feel like I feel better during the day.

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