Mantra Monday

I allow myself to release all that no longer serves me.

As humans we tend to stuff emotions so we do not have to feel anything even slightly uncomfortable. When emotions try to surface, we stuff them down with food, drink, drugs, binge TV, extreme dieting, anger, shopping and other activities that actually harm the individual. Collectively we have a fear of feeling.

For me, the last two months have been like the little Dutch boy when his finger was pulled from the dike; I have been sorting through a flood of stored emotions. It is not easy, but it is not awful because I know this is the release I need to live fully. To live from a place of kindness, compassion and purpose. To live fully and in the present.

When I notice something rising, I close my eyes and just feel, without judgement. I try to feel into the area where the emotion is rising which is usually in my throat, heart or solar plexus. Sometimes the feeling leaves quickly. I don’t worry about what it was, it has been processed. Other times the feeling needs more time to process, so I go on with my day but take short breaks to notice. Journaling, meditation and short walks are good ways to check in with what is present and where it is in the body. If the emotion seems to be stuck in the body, I will lightly tap area. Sometimes the emotion lingers for a few days, sometimes it triggers a memory that allows me to understand what needs to be released. Sometimes it just disappears.

Healing is a Spiritual practice as it removes the barriers that keep me from living as the best version of myself that was born in the image of God with a Divine purpose.

Please note, this practice is not a substitute for talking with a therapist or being part of a recovery group. If you have or are experiencing trauma, depression, substance abuse issues or any overwhelming emotions or situations, please seek professional assistance. I have been there. Its it ok. You do not need to do everything alone.

12 thoughts on “Mantra Monday

  1. Robin says:

    I very much like the idea of a Mantra Monday. This past year has been a year of processing and releasing, but I realized last night that there is still more to work with (sometimes it feels as if I will have to mourn my whole past life). I particularly love your reminder that we don’t have to do everything alone. 🙂

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    • Sarah Davis says:

      Thank you. Yes, the past year has been a dandy and we are not done yet. Lots of mourning, and dealing with old patterns that no longer work or may never have really worked. But we are not alone. I have to believe that.

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  2. kegarland says:

    Sarah, the mantra alone made me stop, and breathe deeply. What you’ve said is important, and one thing I gleaned from it is that a trigger just means there’s something else that has to be healed or processed.

    Thank you for this ❤

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  3. anne leueen says:

    I have benefited , many years ago , from professional help. This guided me to face the emotions from my past that I did not want to deal with. Bravo to you for letting the emotions flow out. Spiritual practice is important and healing.

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