Monkey Brain vs. Monk Brain

Lately my monkey brain has been working overtime drudging up narratives of shame, comparisons, anger, victimhood and complaints. One morning this week the monkey started before I got out of bed, quieted down while I did yoga and meditated and then returned with a vengeance as I got ready for work. My fiery nature was ignited. Rather than following my own advice to sit with and observe the dialogue, I was fired up and went into my day like a wrecking ball. I reacted badly to a work situation, twice.

I was caught in a spiral of negativity and I was struggling to get out of my head. I came across the blog A Graceful Life by Writer McWriterson about thinking like a monk. She explained that the monkey brain overwhelms, but the monk mind focuses on the root of what is. The monkey brain complains and criticizes while the monk brain is compassionate and collaborative. Writer McWriterson spent a week tracking her complaints and criticism and shares what she discovered. Her commentary is interesting, humorous and relatable.

I enjoyed her blog so much that I had to comment. I confessed my funk and my willingness to follow her lead. I believe that the monkey brain, if observed, is a flashing arrow to what is really going on and needs attention. I needed a new way to see my arrow

I am happy that I reached out because I have made a new blog friend and I have a new tick to help me with this funk. Check out A Graceful Life.

8 thoughts on “Monkey Brain vs. Monk Brain

  1. ZeroSpace says:

    I’m glad you’re dealing with it so well, but I am very sorry that you had to experience extreme work stress and monkey brain to begin with. Being in a sensitive state these days, I can feel how that must have been for you.
    I might go check out that other person’s blog you just plugged.
    I really like what you said here:
    “believe that the monkey brain, if observed, is a flashing arrow to what is really going on and needs attention. I needed a new way to see my arrow.” That’s perfect.

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  2. MariaTeresa says:

    I absolutely agree with you Sarah! Some days my meditations are so enlightened and others my observance of the monkey doing cartwheels across the sky 🤣 shows me what needs tweaking. I will check out your new blog friend, how I ❤ our lil WordPress community 🥰

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