Mantra Monday: Caught Red Handed

It was 10 a.m. in the small, urbane grocery store. I was looking at organic produce that I would use for my morning green juice. I guess I got a little excited because a friendly, female voice said, “That is a happy dance.” I did not realize that I had done a little wiggle in the produce section.

My new, masked friend and I chatted. She and her son had just received their first Pfizer shots. We high-fiver and talked about the most common side effects. It was a friendly chat.

We ran into each other a few more times. Though she works in a liquor store, she recommended a couple of cheap bottles as I was looking for wine to make spritzers to drink while I read in the pool after work. I will go to where she works next time I want to purchase wine. We said a friendly good bye.

As I left the store, I thought, “This stuff really works.” By stuff I mean embodying the mantra, “I am here to be of use as joyfully as possible.” Turns our joy is recognizable and magnetic

5 thoughts on “Mantra Monday: Caught Red Handed

  1. rebecca s revels says:

    Its always a good day, when you get to have these good interactions with random people. Especially those you know you may never see again because you feel as if somehow you made their day just a little better as well as your own.

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