Mantra Monday

Mantras and affirmations are a part of my daily practice. I like to recite my ever evolving list of four to six mantas as part of my meditation practice. I keep my current affirmation list on my phone and on a post-it note on my desk at work. When I feel myself becoming frustrated, agitated, overwhelmed or distracted by negative self talk I can restore calm by reciting or reading my mantras.

This line jumped out to me while reading an astrology email from Dr. Michael Lennox. Though I have been working with this mantra for almost a week, I still have trouble remembering it. When my memory fails on a specific phrase that called to me, I see it as a clue that this is something I especially need to to embody.

What this affirmation called my attention to was my complaining, bitching and over all bad attitude about work and a couple of other things I had agreed to do. This manta was telling me to get over myself and find joy in the everyday as I take care of what I need to do. Nothing was being done unto me, but my lizard brain was creating a story of victimhood because I had to fulfill my obligations.

No matter what the day brings, I can choose my reactions and my attitude. Joy and negativity are both contagious. I have to say joy feels better.

This mantra also reminded me that purpose is in the everyday: being fair and kind to the people I encounter, doing my job, fulfilling my obligations, noticing the beauty around me, giving and receiving love and living at the highest vibration possible. It really is that simple.

13 thoughts on “Mantra Monday

  1. Debbie says:

    Finding joy in the everyday isn’t easy, but it is easy to get into the habit of grousing. I don’t want to be “that person” everybody avoids because of a sour attitude. You’re right, Sarah — Choose Joy!

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    • Sarah Davis says:

      Yep, nobody wants to hear and endless stream of gripes and it does not feel good in the body of the grouser. Griping is easier than noticing Joy. It is a conscious decision on which to cultivate and we all will fall of the joy train from time to time. It allows reboarding!

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