Mr. Ed?

The barn on the farm was built before the house. The house was built in 1863. Originally it was a tobacco barn, but a previous owner turned it into to a horse barn with six large stalls and ample spaces for hay and grain storage.

Last Saturday I went down to the barn to groom my old horse. Just as I opened his door and walked into the stall to halter him, I heard a male voice say, “Good Morning.” I replied in-kind. Then I said the name of the man that helps Dad as I assumed that was who had greeted me. There was no response, so I walked across the breezeway to Prince’s stall to see if he was in there working on something. No one was there.

This leaves me with three possible conclusions: I am hearing things, Prince has learned to talk or someone crossed through the veil to greet me.

Did Prince say good morning? He is not talking now, if ever.

After 29 years on the farm this is the first and only unexplained voice I have heard. There has been no sign of paranormal activity on the farm or in the house or barn. There are no new major changes or work on the barn. I am befuddled.

16 thoughts on “Mr. Ed?

  1. believableshe83 says:

    Spooky, but cool! I would like to think it was Prince. His one wish in life, to greet you in your language, finally came true😊

    Also, your photos of the barn and prince are amazing. They belong in frames on people’s walls🌺

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    • Sarah Davis says:

      Thanks! I love taking pictures of out horses. And maybe Prince dose want to talk. He is an old boy now and there are days when his back legs hurt him. He has always been sweet and loving, like a 1,200 pound dog.


  2. leelah saachi says:

    Oh you lucky person you :)That voice had a greeting for you – there was no darkness attached to it – right? trust that something has opened -ask for help from your highest most loving source to share more about this – and invite it back, ***as long as it is in your highest good.*** Tell “it” irrevocably that to contact you, it will have to come in the Name of the most Holy – whatever that is for you.
    It may be that some veil has thinned out -good to set rules for communication 🙂
    Much love,Leelah

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  3. Debbie says:

    Still giggling, Sarah! They say animals speak at midnight on the last day of the year. I’ve never heard one of mine speak, but I often try to imagine what they’d sound like. I’ll bet somebody was pranking you on this one, but who knows? Maybe your horse really did have something to say!

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  4. ZeroSpace says:

    This is fascinating :). If you do not hear voices out of nowhere in the near future (in which case it would be your brain imagining things), then I would lean toward believing that you were greeted by a ghost who used to be a stable helper or person who lived there.

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  5. shoreacres says:

    You’ve reminded me of my one similar experience. I was in high school, and walking through our local mall on my way to work at a music shop when I clearly heard someone call my name, twice: “Linda.” It was so clear and so strong, I turned around to look, and search for the person who was trying to get my attention. There wasn’t anyone around except for a few older ladies and such: no one who had that voice. Who knows? Maybe Iris DeMent has the best response.

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