Three Generations

These are the three most important men in my life: Father, Brother and Nephew.

Dad taught me everything I know about basketball, horses, public speaking, inner fortitude, working hard, generosity and managing finances. He is a heck of a storyteller, has a very dry sense of humor, loves Kentucky Bourbon, Kentucky Basketball and his family. He is proud of his horses, his farms and his three independent and self-sufficient children. He tries to do the right thing and often lends a hand to those going through a rough patch; a soft heart in a cowboy exterior.

Brother is my favorite person in the world. I was 10-years-old when he was born and it seems like he was on my hip for the first two years of his life. That is probably what bonded us. His first music collection was made from the cassette tapes I had tired of, so we have similar taste in music. We go to occasionally get to attend Jason Isbel concerts together. I had always wanted to go to a concert at Red Rocks. He got me there to see John Prine. Glad we’ll always have that shared memory. We talk almost every day to share good news, random thoughts, funny stories or when one of us needs a sounding board, a safe place to vent or advice. I admire his good fortune that is the result of hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, analytical thinking, sense of humor and eclectic mental data base. I am the captain of his cheerleading squad and vice versa.

Though Nephew has is own, distinct personality his wit, intelligence, love of animals and dinosaurs, energy level and appearance reminds me of his father when he was six-years-old. I was already a big fan by the first time I held him, but he sealed the deal the when he started calling me Aunt TriSarahTops. I am going to enjoy seeing who he becomes. I will be on his unconditional cheer squad.

Brother and Nephew live in a Western state, so we do not see each other as often as we would like. They just came in for a long weekend. We made the most of it with horseback rides, porch sitting with cousins, camp fires and daily trips to Dad’s feral farm to hunt for deer antlers.

I am proud of all three and blessed that they are my family.

10 thoughts on “Three Generations

  1. leelah saachi says:

    Somehow I lost contact with your blog – got no announcements of new posts, so I registered again, and very happy that I did and read this loving post .- made me think of all the people that I love, and the gratitude for all of them.

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