Be curious, not judgmental.” Walt Whitman

In a climactic scene in “Ted Lasso,” the main character mentions this quote and explains that among the many people who dismissed him throughout his life, not a single one was curious.

They thought they had everything figured out, so they judged everything and everyone. If they were curious, they would have asked questions…

Ted is curious about everyone he encounters, even when it appears that all of Richmond, England is against him. While it would be easy for him to become judgmental and dismissive, he continues to meet people where they are by listening to what is being said. He is focused on learning, not correcting, judging or arguing.

Curiosity is his superpower.

For the month of April, I’m borrowing Ted’s curiosity cape to fully focus on the person in front of me by asking questions and then listening to what is being said rather than drafting my response or argument as he/she responds. I am curious to see if or how my perspectives changes.

I invite you to join me and share what you you notice by employing your curiosity superpower.

12 thoughts on “Superpower

    • Sarah Davis says:

      It’s free when you buy a mew apple product! I will pay just to see the next season of Ted Lasso. I do not watch much TV, but I have watched the first season twice and may watch again. It just makes me happy and gives me hope.


  1. MariaTeresa says:

    First of all I absolutely loved that show, so endearing. Curiosity has fueled my awakening as I lean into each and every aspect of myself and life experiences, without judgements. It’s how I learn and keep wanting to learn. I believe curiosity keeps me living in a awakened mindset, to be alive is to live free and when I’m opening to learning and growing, change (that inevitable part of life) becomes easier and more simple. Great post Sarah, keep questioning life! When we can love all of it, minus the judgements, we evolve into states of higher consciousness ❤

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  2. Pooja G says:

    I just started watching that show! I have always been a people observer so I always ask questions because I don’t like talking a lot and I have learnt so many interesting things from doing this. Great post and a nice reminder to not be judgmental!

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