Sister is not only a middle child, she also has the same birthday as Dad. This means she shares what is usually someone’s special day. As a kid it bothered me when Dad would say something like “Sister is the best gift I ever received.” By sharing this birthday with Dad, sister never got her own cake as Mom would always make Dad’s favorite, Coconut, as a second cake was seen as unneeded. As I aged I got over my jealousy when I saw the advantage of not sharing a birthday with Dad meant I got a Dairy Queen cake every year.

Last Sunday morning, Sister sent me a text, “Are you going by the Fancy Cake Shop this week?”

“I could,” I replied.

“I would love a cake,” she announced.

I nonchalantly replied, “Remind me of the flavor.”

“Had to look-was hoping for something with lemon or raspberry layer, but don’t see that, so something chocolate.”

Late she decided to just order cupcakes.

Flash forward to Wednesday when I was scrolling through Instagram and there was THE CAKE at a local catering company that I would be picking up food from later in the day. I called and reserved the cake.

When I got there, it was a massive slice, not a cake. I asked if I could by chance get a whole cake for Friday so I could take it to Kentucky for the joint birthday party on the front porch on Saturday night. I lucked out when the baker agreed to make another cake. This beautiful cake is huge! There is more than enough to share, but this is Sister’s cake.

I have been thinking about prayers and intentions and how so often the answer or gift is delivered by another person. I am grateful to be the conduit to deliver what Sister wanted, a cake she wanted, a white cake with raspberry filling and lemon frosting.

The baker and conduit partner.

She was very pleasantly surprised and happy to get her favorite cake flavors.

25 thoughts on “Conduit

  1. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Our grandson was born on my husband’s birthday and we all thought it was the best birthday present ever. 🙂 Two of my late aunts shared my birthday. What a wonderful gift you got for your sister — that cake looks extra delicious. Inspired choice for a conduit partner. 💕

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  2. Debbie says:

    What a good sis you are!! I understand your mom’s thoughts on making a special cake for your dad’s birthday, but gee — it’s probably time by now for your sis to get her own special cake. Bet it felt good to make that happen for her!!


  3. shoreacres says:

    That cake’s not only beautiful, it sounds delicious — and how wonderful that you were able to provide it for your sister! I’ve often thought that the universes enjoys conspiring with us from time to time, and it certainly seems to have done so in this case!

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