Moe Squared

In January I was struggling to create a 2021 vison board. Probably it was because there was only thing I could confidently say that I wanted: a calm, willing to please, sure-footed, good natured Tennessee Walking Horse that brings me joy as we smoothly gait down the trail. I told everyone that would listen that, “I want another Moe.”


I have been looking for a horse for the last year. I rode my 25-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse Moe through the 2020 spring and fall trial riding season, but he was officially retired in January. It was past time as he could no longer hold gate and his back end had become stiff.

Every February a group of family and friends haul their horses from Kentucky to Florida to spend a week or more in warmer temperatures camping, riding and living the cowboy/cowgirl life. During this year’s trip Dad and Uncle found a coppery red chestnut with a blaze that caught their eye.

Dad let me know he was going to test ride a horse. My aunt sent me several videos of him riding the horse on the trail. The chestnut looked good and appeared to be a solid trail horse.

After the ride, Dad called to tell me about the horse. I heard things like smooth and fast gait, experienced on trail, good natured and pushbutton horse.

“But there is one thing I need to tell you,” said Dad. “It’s his name. We can always change it.” This made be a little nervous as my Moe had previously been name Bama.

“His name is Big Moe,” said Dad. To his confusion I started laughing, really loud. “Well,” I choked out through laughter, “I have literally been saying that I wanted another Moe.”

Big Moe

Big Moe was hauled to Kentucky. Our first outing was a short ride around the farm. As he had only been there for a couple of days, he was nervous in the new setting but his reactions were limited to stopping to take a look and a solitary side stop. I upheld my responsibility to support him in a reassuring and calm manner. To help us get acquainted, I have brushed his face and neck with a soft brush while I talked to him several times.

Last weekend we went out together on our first trail ride with Dad and a friend riding along. I can confidently say that Big Moe has a new home. He is exactly what I wanted. I got another Moe.

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