Time Out

Something unexpected happened.

Nashville rarely gets more than a dusting of snow and it rarely lasts more than a day. Our last major ice storm was in 1995.

Sunday started with freezing mist & fog which progressed to sleet and freezing rain. And COLD! This area is a series of hills. It does not matter how far north or west one was born; ice is a deceiving seductress who will lull one into confidence before violently spinning cars into the median or turning rubber tires into sled runners with disconnected steering. The city has basically shutdown with warnings to stay home and off the roads.

This morning the dog and I made the first tracks in a few inches of powdery snow. It was beautiful and quiet. A picture postcard of a dated, urban condo complex.

I have not left my neighborhood in five days. I am a rested and content. I have made three batches of soup and shred with neighbors, been on lots of dog outings, been gifted hot buttered rum, decluttered piles I was tired of looking at, done all of my laundry and gone to bed and risen to my own rhythm.

Past vacations have taught me that my mind and body need four to five days to completely rest and relax. This has happened. I have not pushed myself to accomplish anything nor have I binged on TV. I have moved with my own rhythms.

Rest takes time and gentleness.

I am grateful that I have had the safety, electricity and gift of time to just be.

15 thoughts on “Time Out

      • Ladysag77 says:

        It truly is 😒 He is with his Mom and Aunt who are 70+ and they were freezing without electricity for 2 days. They were huddled around their stove for warmth. Heartbreaking. He is stranded there bc he misplaced his ID and couldn’t board his flight back here to me. It all worked out however that he could be with his family during this time. Thank you for your prayers Sarah 🙏 ❤

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  1. Debbie says:

    What a gift, to be able to relax and go with the flow! You’re blessed to have your dog during this nesting time, and you’re wise to refuse to get ruffled and out-of-sorts over worrying about the weather (which none of us can control!)

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  2. Ally Bean says:

    Hear, hear. I’m pleased to know that you’ve relaxed into your weather situation, instead of fighting it. I haven’t been anywhere in over a week now, choosing to use the time to just. be. me. I write a little, I play games a little, I enjoy, to use your phrase, my own rhythms.

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