January mornings are cold and dark, particularly at 4:45 a.m.

After Alexa wakes me with her daily alarm, I cuddle with the pup before getting out from under the weight and warmth of blankets to feel the full force of the chilled air. I quickly change into my yoga clothes before going downstairs to bundle up to take the pup outside for a quick walk. She is dancing at my feet and yapping excitedly as I start the water kettle before clipping on her leash and opening the door to freedom.

With warm water tonics steaming close by, I lie on my couch for meditation. The lights are low and a candle is burning. I cover myself with a blanket to ward off the chill that often arises during breath work and meditation. Twenty minutes later I slowly and effortlessly move to my mat for yoga, a practice that brings my spiritual practice into my physical body. I appreciate the low light and the feeling of emerging from a cocoon as I begin to expand through movement.

After rolling up my mat, I return to the kitchen for more warm water for a neti pot, saltwater gargle and immunity tea.

This morning as I sipped my tea I noticed that the sunrise is beginning to bring faint light to my kitchen window. Now that I have finally settled into a winter rhythm, I know that a new rhythm with light and warmth will emerge in a month or so.

So is the rhythm of life, light and dark, warm and cold.

19 thoughts on “Rhythms

  1. Ally Bean says:

    You’re so right about the rhythms of life. I like your morning routine, as it brings light and perspective to your day. There’s something about winter that slows us down, forces us to remember our spirit, or so I feel.

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  2. Barbara Rodgers says:

    Your winter morning sounds so peaceful and restorative. Cold and dark do have their welcome places in the rhythm of life. I noticed the sunrise this morning, too — it already seems to be coming up farther north of east in the sky.

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