It started with a dinosaur on wheels attached to a tree.

Being a typical human who needs answers, I surmised that the Dino car was a lost toy and someone did a good deed.
But then I saw this gift!
Now I’m looking in the brush as I walk along the greenway.
Further off the path I noticed red in the brush. This cardinal made me so happy!
Delight is in the noticing.
Gifts are everywhere in plain sight.
Abundance is meant to be shared.
I hope the kind soul who hid these treasures along the greenway receives even more pleasure and joy from his/her surprises than I did. Thank you kind stranger. You brightened a gloomy day in a Christmas season without family, parties, going into stores, and other typical activities.

Blessings to you and yours no matter your Holiday tradition. Merry Christmas to all.

14 thoughts on “Noticing

  1. shoreacres says:

    Recently, I was far off the highways, making my way through a stand of Ashe juniper, when I came across a tree draped with silver tinsel, red shiny balls, and a red star on top. It’s a poor year that I don’t find one of these anonymously decorated trees. Quite famously, someone shows up to decorate a series of trees along I-10 outside San Antonio every year. I love them. Their very awkwardness and sudden appearance makes them more dear to me than the fanciest tree. I love this one — I’m so glad you found it and shared it!

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