‘Twas Saturday before Christmas and I was rushing with chores.

Opening the cabinet door in hopes of finding my all-purpose bleach spray bottle, to my wandering eyes did appear, a cleaning caddy filled with water like from a nozzle. I dropped to my knees and began to clear clutter, when my garbage disposal feel free, dislodging the drainpipe with a clatter.

I scurried for assistance, securing a plumber for Sunday twilight. Lively and quick, the process was completed, receipted for less than envisioned.

I am drawing near the end of a 40 day abundance practice. I have learned that hording pickled okra until it is unsafe to consume is an absolute waste because using and savoring something increases its value. I see how holding onto poorly made, uncomfortable pants in case of an emergency actually takes space away from what I would want if the worst case scenario happened.  The dead garbage disposal shows me that things fall apart and having an emergency fund is self-care.

With one more day of this practice, I have greatly expanded my view of abundance. Abundance is not limited to money and possessions. Abundance is a flow that comes to me and from me. Abundance is in the noticing purple flowers, the homemade Christmas cookies from a neighbor, brief conversations with other dog walkers and sharing really good Bourbon with a friend.

Abundance is a blessing to be received and shared. Blessings cannot be horded or saved. Blessings are to be savored and shared. Gratitude it to be given.

8 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh YES!! Gratitude shared is enjoyed all the more! If this pandemic has taught us nothing else, I hope we’ve all become more appreciative of what we do have and less likely to whine about the things we don’t. I’m as guilty as the next person over whining when things don’t go my way, ha!

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  2. Kathy says:

    Love this! So cool that you undertook and completed this Abundance practice. And learned that abundance is more than money and possessions. “Flow” is a good word for it. In today’s blog post I called it “sparks” and they are everywhere!

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