I ain’t no quitter

Every year my three besties and I attend Breakfast with Santa. Yes, we are much too old for this, but we use the Doctor’s daughter as our cover. We write letter’s to Santa in which we ask for SEC teams to win National Championships in football and basketball. We ALL crowd into the official photo with the daughter, much to the chagrin of Santa, the photographer and everyone in line waiting for their turn. This was Breakfast with Santa weekend. Another annual tradition not happening in 2020.

“I’ll have a blue Christmas with out you.”

Today I realized that there are 10 sleeps until Santa comes. I also realized that I’m feeling melancholy. I don’t know how everything will work in a week and a half. I can honestly say that all I want for Christmas is 70 degree weather so I can be outside to open presents with my parents, sister, niece and nephew. I want to be able to see my aunt, uncle and cousins in the yard. The entire family typically gathers for a special Christmas breakfast of sausage, gravy, biscuits, pork tenderloin, eggs, and hash browns. We meet later in the evening for ham, other food stuff, cards and cocktails. More annual traditions scrapped for 2020.

“Friends and relations send salutations.”

I think I have handled this year with as much grace as possible. I have used my time to try to learn, try new things and grow. I have masked as it is a easy way to protect everyone around me. Being distanced outdoors has allowed me to spend time with family and friends. But now the weather is iffy and isolating with many wet, gray days. Tennessee & Kentucky can have a white Christmas with snow and ice or it can be like a spring day.

“I’ll be home for Christmas, If only in my dreams.”

I don’t know what I will be doing on Christmas Eve and Day but I am prepared. I plan to dress up and have a cocktail party with charcuterie for two, the dog and me, on Christmas Eve. I have never gone to sleep on Christmas Eve nor awakened in my own house on Christmas Day as I am usually at the family farm. As we can’t blend three or more households and eat indoors, I have ordered dinner for one; short ribs can’t be wrong.

“Bells will be ringing the sad, sad news. Oh, what a Christmas to have the blues

I don’t want to Zoom for Christmas, but if I have to I will. I will make a effort to show up as my most outrageous and happy self.

“You better not cry, You better not pout…”

My family and I have made it this far in the year of COVID. I fully intend to be home for Christmas 2021. My daddy didn’t raise no quitter.

11 thoughts on “I ain’t no quitter

  1. Debbie says:

    Oh, I’m getting great joy from your letters to Santa asking for SEC teams to win National Championships in football and basketball (even if it has to be Bama!!) I think we’re all muddling through the holidays this year — those BIG family gatherings have been tossed out the window, and we’re mailing gifts instead of seeing the delight on others’ faces as they open them. Saddest of all is knowing that some family members — perhaps because of illness or age — won’t live to see Christmas 2021. Hang in there, friend!

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  2. Kathy says:

    How creative–the way you shared all the Christmas songs and wove your own song about not quitting. Hark the Herald Angels Sing & all that jazz as you find a way to make it work in a way that feels good to your heart and soul. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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