Heron Stalker

“The quality of life is in proportion, always, to the capacity for delight. The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention.” Julie Cameron

As soon as I crested the top of the hill in the deep shadows not yet touched by the sun of a new day, I sensed movement to my left. I turned to see her making a circle around the end of the lake nearest to me. Her wing span was glorious as she dipped and floated on air before turning to return to her fishing spot.

I looked around at the three other walkers and a photographer that I could see. If they had seen her brief moment of exuberant showing off they seemed to have no reaction. I knew that show was for me. Somehow she knows when I am there.

Heron at sunrise in the summer.

I have been stalking the herons at an area Tennessee lake for years. There is a flashy male who enjoys posing and grooming himself. There was the spring I watched a heron hatchling become and awkward juvenile in summer. I have watched the herons dive bomb the egret that occasionally dares to stop by the small lake. In the summer I am amused by the small green herons that disappear when the nights get cool. One day I saw five herons fly across the lake together, but of course I did not have time to capture a photo.

Summer Girl

I don’t walk at the lake as regularly as I once did, but when I do I rarely miss seeing her. On several occasions I have been with in three feet of her as we stared at each other. On numerous occasions she has posed for me before taking flight. I have watched her fish because it gives me such joy. This spring she built her nest on the side of the lake where I can walk so I could check on her and the kids. I saw her drop off a fish one morning.

Pretty Boy

As I was returning to the hill to return to my car, I decided to walk across the small dam. There she was, contently standing in the same place where I had see her land 30 minutes earlier. By this time the park was packed. No one else noticed the elegant lady, partially obscured by small undergrowth, patiently waiting on a snack to come her way.

Where is Waldo the heron?

My nephew and brother live Colorado. They also seem to have unusual Blue Heron sightings and interactions. We often wonder who the is heron. When I see a cardinal I know it is my grandmother. But we have no clue who the heron represents. We are just glad that she stalks us.

9 thoughts on “Heron Stalker

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    First of all, I had to laugh because of what you wrote on my recent heron beach walk. Our timing was almost perfect! Cheers to your love for herons, and I love the “Summer Girl” image.


  2. Barbara Rodgers says:

    The Heron at sunrise in the summer picture is breathtaking. I enjoyed reading about your heron encounters. Interesting about your grandmother/cardinal connection. My son has the same connection with a cardinal and my his grandmother (my mother). For me, it’s mourning doves. Maybe some day your heron will let you know…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Debbie says:

    Keep watching your herons, Sarah — eventually, you’ll discover who they’re representing. We don’t see many of them here — we get more geese — but I’ve always been fascinated by their stick-like legs!

    Liked by 1 person

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