Go On or Miss Out

I was in my 40’s before I had to cross a suspended bridge. I did not like it. I still don’t like it. This is why I have a rule, if I pass one, even if it is not on the trial I am on, I have to cross walk across the bridge because I believe facing fear helps me to fear less.

Dogs do not naturally take to bridges that are open on the side, make weird noises and move. This Jolene’s first time on a bridge. I had to be confident for her because this style of bridge is not unusual in Tennessee. If the dog has a bad experience on her first crossing, her lack of confidence would impact our hiking future.

If I don’t cross the bridge, I don’t get to eat lunch on an overlook.

The Savage Day Loop in South Cumberland State Park is a 4.9 heavily trafficked, moderate to trail. Take a map as it is easy to get turned get on the wrong trail.

Jolene and I twice crossed two suspended bridges, so that was a win. She earned her FIRST ice cream.

This crossing is scarier than it looks, at least in my mind.
“What IS this GOODNESS?l

Brown’s is the real deal. This is the hamburger and ice cream place you remember from your youth. I have no shame. I hike the miles and cross suspended bridges for pineapple milkshakes like the ones I remember from childhood.

28 thoughts on “Go On or Miss Out

  1. Robin says:

    I’m not a fan of suspended bridges, either. It takes every bit of courage I have to cross one. The first time I crossed one was when I’d just turned 50. I love the title of this post because it’s similar to what I tell myself when I come to a section of hiking trail that makes me jittery.

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  2. Ladysag77 says:

    I agree with you on facing one’s fears. This year I told myself to do everything that scared me or that I thought I couldn’t. I performed at poetry slams (pre COVID-19), wrote and published 3 books of poetry, studied and became a master shaman. I fear heights and am not a fan of bridges but I would cross that one like you did if it meant real homemade ice cream!! Yum 😋
    Even though dairy doesn’t agree with me anymore and I stick to plant based non-dairy treats on occasion😉 Great post, wonderful pictures. Tennessee is do lovely💚🌳🌱

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  3. Cindy Georgakas says:

    I don’t like iit either! Good for you!! I remember ending up on a bridge in Bali and not a clue o how I ended up on a bridge on a motorcycle with a friend of my son’s to Chenagon and 3 min later it collapsed. 7 died. I haven’t been on once since. 🙃

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  4. Debbie says:

    Oh dear. Not sure I could get across a suspended bridge, even if ice cream was on the other side as a reward! And for sure, being suspended over water would have been a deal breaker, ha! Congrats to you though, both for facing your fears and for not inflicting them on your dog!

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  5. Kathy says:

    One of my earliest memories, maybe at age 4, involved trying to cross a suspended bridge and quaking in fear. My brother ran over it without hesitation. I froze. I love that you consider it a challenge to meet your fear head-on and cross the bridges when you find them. Not sure if I’d have that much courage…maybe…after reading of yours.

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  6. shoreacres says:

    When I was in grade school and went to Camp Fire Girls camp, there was a swinging bridge. The bridge itself wasn’t very long, and it wasn’t very scary — until I gave it my first go, and discovered the trick the older campers loved was jumping up and down on one end, getting the bridge to ‘ripple.’ I’d forgotten about that–or repressed it! It’s fun to remember, but I think I’ll pass on a repeat of the experience.

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