When I am on the farm I enjoy the short window of time as the sun comes up and the horses are still in the field. That is when I take some of my best photos of the farm and boys.

August 2020

My Dad keeps the horses on a 12 & 12 schedule, meaning in the summer they are in the barn during the day and out at night. We reverse the schedule in the winter.

July 2020

The schedule change for the winter will happen in the next couple of weeks. The days are starting to get shorter, the older horse already have winter hair and the cold nights are unavoidable.

October 25, 2020

This morning, four hours after putting the boys in the barn, we turned them back out. Tonight will be their first night in the barn since March.

7 thoughts on “Sunday

    • Sarah Davis says:

      We do not blanket out guys unless we are traveling or hauling them after they have been ridden hard. Typically the only horses that wear blankets outdoors in Tennessee/Kentucky are performance horses that are kept slick (not winter coat) year round. We only trail ride so our horses get to be horses.

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