Hidden Like, Harpeth River State Park, Nashville, Tennessee

Every summer I have the fantasy of running away to the cool mountains to spend my days swimming and my nights dancing. There is no work for me, just relaxing at a quaint, rustic resort where carrying a watermelon up steps cut into a steep hillside is also my entry into a party. I call it my Dirty Dancing fantasy.

Steep stairs leading down to the lake. Once these steps took guests to a slide. Hitting the water had to hurt.

In the 1930’s & 40’s Nashvillians flocked to the western edge of Davidson County for summer days spent swimming and nights dancing at a small resort called Hidden Lake. Though the resort is long gone, evidence of the easy summer life remain.

The remaining cabin has seen better days.

Feeling the need to change up my walking routine, my pup Jolene and I met the mother daughter duo that paddle boarded with me all summer. The lakes are now cold, so we decided to explore a new to us park. It is mid-October and the light through the changing leaves is glorious.

Fall colors atop the old quarry wall with hidden lake below.

The lake is in the bottom of an old quarry. Taking the trail to the top offers glimpses of the lake. The trees and limestone wall create the hidden view.

The park is dog and kid friendly. The trials are short and the total mileage of every trial combined is around two miles. The scenery have the feel of being out in the woods, but the traffic noise heard in a few locations kept reminding me that I was very close to home.

Hidden Lake

3 thoughts on “Hidden Like, Harpeth River State Park, Nashville, Tennessee

  1. spwilcen says:

    Harpeth has special meaning for me, a special time when the Missus could wade unassisted and fly fish. I want to read more, but must defer. Supposed to be writing now and am already a few hours behind. Good stuff.

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