I remember spending a lot of time as a child being stuck in my room because I was grounded for some infraction. After exhausting myself with futile resistance and rebellion, I would resort to reading books, picking up my room, playing or dreaming of racing my horse across the plains as we chase the bad guys like we were in a movie.

It is now October 2020 and I want to resist and rebel against being grounded in my home and office. I have hit COVID/politics/life fatigue. For the last six months I have been reimagining how I live, but now, with no end in sight, everything seems harder. The noticeably shorter days and the descent into less suns does not help my fatigue.

To avoid being a complete raging banshee or staying in bed with the covers over my head, I must take time to ground myself. Not the kind of grounding that limits my freedom, but the kind that allows me to reconnect to myself spiritually, mentally and physically. When I take time to ground myself, I find that I am calmer and less reactive to the chaos around me.

1 – During the last six months I have found several routines and practices that help keep me grounded. I am offering the practices not as plan for someone to follow, but as example that may spark ideas.

2 – Daily morning prayer – I have a short practice that I can do in a few minutes or I do a longer practice or a yoga flow. Yoga is prayer. sweaty every morning – dancing, brisk walking, weight training, or HITT. The goal is to elevate my heartrate.

3 – Zack Bush 4 Minute Workout three times a day – before commuting, 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Music like “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves or the Go-Go’s “Vacation” and some dance steps help make it fun.

4 – Time outdoors every day – Strolling with the dogs, walking breaks at work and walking with neighbors. Weekends are for paddle boarding, riding horses or hiking.

5 – Taking Pictures – Playing with photography apps and posting the images on Instagram.

6 – Journaling – No rules! Removing the rules removes pressure to journal a certain way or meet goals. Journals are personal. They can be creative (glue book or sketch book,) gratitude, what happened, dreams, inner exploration or whatever serves you. I have four journals.

7 – Feeding myself good food and content – Sugar, coffee and Twitter are all triggers that send me toward rage banshee, so I limit all three addictive stimulants.

8 – Having “partners in hope” – I have a family member and a close friend that each fill this role differently. I am in touch with each one of them every day through hone, text, Marco Polo or an occasional face-to-face. We support each other without judgement. We celebrate the good, listen as the others vents or talks out a problem and hold space for the other when life circumstances are challenging.

How do you stay grounded? Please leave a comment and share what you are doing during to care for yourself spiritually, physically and mentally.

24 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Merry Beth Ward says:

    Good post! Love the ideas!!! Found a few typos. 🙂

    – Descent instead of decent. – The numbers are not numeric order but 1. 2. – I think hone is supposed to be phone?

    On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 11:28 PM The Yoga Cowgirl wrote:

    > Sarah Davis posted: ” I remember spending a lot of time as a child being > stuck in my room because I was grounded for some infraction. After > exhausting myself with futile resistance and rebellion, I would resort to > reading books, picking up my room, playing or dreaming of ” >

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      • Sarah Davis says:

        Just finished class! Enjoyed it. It is a mix of some of what I have been doing, but in a new way and in one session. Definitely adding to my rotation. I also appreciated taking class with a woman that would fit in with my book club or wine tasting group.

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      • Cindy Georgakas says:

        Thanks for doing it and the feedback. Very cool. Anything you want to see for the next video lmk. Really please to hear it’s rotation worthy! Awwww that’s so kind of you. It our time isn’t way off come to S.I.P. UnWine🍷 Yoga Wed at 5:00 on Zoom sometime. I started it when quarantine started, complimentary and here we still are. You could invite your friends if you want as well. Big hugs and love 🤗❤️🤗 Cindy


      • Sarah Davis says:

        I would love to know about Wednesday Zoom! How for I find it? What time zone? I usually walk in the door from work at 5 pm CST.

        I would love to talk to you about Zoom/Video. I have not taught since early March and I would love to find a way to get some videos to my regulars. I have no idea where to start.

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      • Cindy Georgakas says:

        Oh that would be awesome.. Go to my website and then hit me up there and we’ll be in touch. Maybe you want to try to teach on Zoom too?… Idk.. such a learning curve but something to think about.. I do have a few yoga videos on youtube and next month will be all yoga I think. Very unprofessional but hey, at least there are out there, I guess. ❤️ Can’t wait to meet you “live”

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  2. Kara says:

    We have an old bench outside our front door and when I need a moment to step away from kids crying/tantrums, or cabin fever is getting to me, I sit out there for 5-10 mins and just breathe and reset, so to speak.

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  3. izzysagt says:

    Exercise is definitely what keeps me grounded most. If i can’t make it to the gym (aka can’t be bothered) even just a YouTube 10 min workout does the trick. I love the idea of journaling though!

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  4. anne leueen says:

    I hear you about the Covid fatigue! I stay grounded with three things. First I ride my horse 5 days a week Horses require attention and care and also when I am riding I have to focus on what we are doing, especially in my lessons/ training sessions. I also do exercise every morning with my husband . We do an online program called Eldergym. At night when I turn out the light I do prayer meditation with beads. I have a list of people who are in need of help and I ask for help for them from my higher power. I enjoyed your post. Stay well!

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    • Sarah Davis says:

      Love it!!! Great self care. Horses are so good for the soul.

      I wish I could ride 5 days a week and not just on weekends. I live over an hour away from the family farm and my horse. Trying to figure out a way to be there more.

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  5. Beck says:

    Sarah, this is a great post. I’ve been ultra frustrated with everything Covid has brought, too.
    Taking extra care for self care is key and Staying grounded is the best approach!
    Be blessed ❤️ 🤗

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  6. Ladysag77 says:

    I absolutely love how you’ve both discovered your joy and rooted into your grounding!! The root chakra is all about security and safety, we must feel safe in our bodies. Kudos to you for investigating what brings you joy and peace within confinements. This year has as been a challenge yes, but a beautiful opportunity to grow our inner landscapes. Discovering inner peace. Good for you Sara❤

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