Living in Purpose

This brave huntress is Stella.

She is somewhere between 14 & 16 and she fully understands her purpose. She has never questioned anyone as to what they thought her purpose is or should be nor has she wondered if she should try something else. THIS GIRL HUNTS.

I used to be unsure of my purpose. But I discovered my purpose, I had always know what it is. I found purpose in the things that feel right in all parts of my being. Some of the ways my purpose shows up in the world is by making and sharing soup and cornbread, riding horses with my dad, walking my dogs solo or with a neighbor, taking photos, creating and executing work projects that make me feel like a rockstar, , voting, canvassing, helping a neighbor or another person that needs a hand, teaching yoga or writing this blog. Purpose is wrapped up in my gifts, personality traits, interest and hobbies.

I used think purpose had to be grand. I finally figured out that we are not all here to cure cancer or be a solo super hero. It is the kindness, favors, good deeds, beauty and joy that spreads purpose. When I am aligned with my purpose things seem to flow. I used to think my job was my purpose. Now I find opportunities to bring my purpose into my work. My job is part of my personal self care as salary and insurance cover my needs. My job is not who I am or my sole purpose.

When I find myself angry or catch myself being a jerk in traffic I stop and ask myself, “Is this purpose or is this ego?” Often just asking the question brings me back to alignment. Sometimes when I feel rage building in me, I have to hide away to read or write or sleep or create art or for physical exertion outdoors. I have found this type of self care allows me to express and work through hard issues or emotions.

I try to be like Stella by embracing my purpose, doing what brings me joy and allowing the rest to fall where it may. Somedays are easier than others, but purpose helps me cut through the shit.

4 thoughts on “Living in Purpose

  1. Beck says:

    Beautiful! I struggled with purpose forever because I thought it was something someone had to give you. Then I realized you can create purpose. It was a game changer.
    And you are right it is so very simple.

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