Zeus Chronicles: Let Zeus Be Zeus

“If it ain’t nodding, it ain’t walking,” old time description of a Tennessee Walking Horse

This Sunday my view was filled with two black ears going forward, a thick mane flowing with motion and Zeus’ head nodding up and down as we rode through our neighbor’s soy beans. It was a beautiful sight. He was hitting a sweet running walk without my urging.  This horse fun to ride.

Zeus is ready to go the moment I get in the saddle. He is not a slow walker. Now we are getting familiar with each other, he has relaxed under saddle and I am relaxed in the saddle.  I am now tinkering with using my legs, knees and heels more as well as fine-tuning the reining\tension he needs for a smooth gait. The sweet spot is a little different on every Walking horse. 

Next weekend we’ll be trail riding. I’m looking forward to taking him into woods and seeing what he is like away from the farm

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