Gratitude is the FUEL

Catching a green light right when you need it is a wonderful thing. It is a little busts of joy in a moment of feeling rushed. Saying thank you extends the joy and abundance.

If paying attention is directly related to delight, then surely gratitude is directly to abundance.

Abundance is about so much more than a checking account balance. Abundance is catching a green light, sharing homegrown tomatoes with neighbors, noticing sunsets, showering good girl’s and treats on a puppy for a job well done, a coworker bringing in homemade zucchini bread or downloading books for from the library. The list goes on and on and…

Gratitude is the fuel to the abundance fire. Abundance is not just received, it is shared. Abundance grows when it is acknowledged.

I find that gratitude and abundance are a tandem. The more I notice the more I appreciate. The more I receive, the more I say thank you. The more I am grateful for the more abundance I notice. It is a beautiful cycle that grows or shrinks depending on my noticing and appreciating the good each day.

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