Where to Paddle in Middle Tennessee/Nashville: Bryant Grove Recreation Area

The Bryant Grove Recreation Area is part of Long Hunter State Park. Located outside of Mt. Juliet and in Wilson County, this is Percy Priest Lake. The recreation area has a parking lot, a beach area for swimming, restrooms, a pavilion and picnic tables. This is a great spot of all level of paddlers.

Once in the water, it is fun to follow the shoreline to your right. This will take you to a great cove for seeing wildlife and lots of birds. Deer come to the water for a drink and there are lots of birds. Early in the morning there are fishermen in the area and in the afternoon there are parked boats. This is are great area to chill, swim, eat lunch or work on paddling techniques.

Following the shoreline all the way follows the Bryant Grove Trial. This 4 mile trail connects Bryant Grove to the Couchville Lake area, though there is no connection to Couchville Lake from the water.  Continue around past the Long Hunter Boat Ramp to get a close view of the cliffs.  The people looking down from the cliffs are at the Upper Bluff and Shoreline Picnic Area.  This route out and pack keeps paddlers out of boat channels.

Taking a left out of Bryant Grove leads past the Bryant Grove Boat Dock. Along the way there are people fishing on the shore.  The paddling on this side more in the boat channel than the other side. Overall there are fewer boats here than in the Hamilton Creek/Anderson Road/Smith Springs Road areas. Weekdays are always lighter than weekends.

    Parking: There is a parking lot that will fill later in the day. The boat ramp area is also close by and may have additional parking.

    Bathrooms: Yes

    Amenities: Picnic tables, beach area and swimming, picnic tables, grills, playground and a pavilion.

    Boats: Lighter than other areas of Percy Priest

    Distance to the water: 40 yards

    Single woman/solo paddler safety: A good spot for the solo paddler.*

    Rentals: No

*beyond the inherent danger of paddling alone

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