Yoga is Prayer

May your wish for me come to fruition.

Before the COVID self-isolation period I thought that I had made a spiritual connection with my practice, but I was wrong. That connection happened sometimes, but more often than not I was seeking yoga brain through the physical practice.

During my home practice during isolation, I made the connection. My yoga has became my daily prayer. It is a daily dance, offering and connection with the Divine.

I am here.

May your wish for me come to fruition.

Moving prayer:

There are no rules on how to move. I often start with my eyes closed, slowly drawing small small circles on the ceiling in each direction. I roll my head slowly from side to side moving towards looking over each shoulder. I forward fold to exhale and gather my offering and rise on my inhale with my hands in prayer for a backbend where I declare “May your wishes for me come to fruition.”

I do as many of my dancing Sun A’s as I am called to do.

The next movement vary. Sometimes I move into a traditional yoga practice while other times I stay on my feet turning balancing and stabilizing movement into a dance.

Some days the prayer is short. Some days it is an hour. There are no rules.

Music: ALWAYS on for me. Some suggestions to try:

“Hymn of Healing” Beautiful Chorus

“Heavenly Day” Patty Griffin

“Let it Go” Karen Drucker

“OK” Kirk Franklin

“One Day in Heaven” Michael Bernard Beckwith

“Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” Willie Mitchell

Shine Amy Steinberg

“Bliss (I Am the Light of My Soul)” Sirgun Kaye, Sat Darshan Singh

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