Down the Rabbit Hole in the Time of Coronavirus

I love discovering a new tidbit that captures my interest and sends me down an internet or literary rabbit hole. Durning the period of Coronavirus isolation I have indulged in rabbit hole: reading the works of Kentucky author Silas House, reading a Micheal Farris Smith novel because I liked his Good Dog submission in Garden and Gun, revisited the societal changes during the reign of King Edward and researched Phylis Schlafly because of the current Mrs. America mini series.

Then the New York Times Digital addition sent me an offer I could not refuse, a year long digital subscription to the daily crossword puzzle for a song. The subscription includes a daily column about the puzzle, help with some clues and comments from the puzzle creator. I’m having too much fun.

Now that my work day is a bit more relaxed without a commute, I start my day with tea and the puzzle. Some are more fun than others. The ones I enjoy the most are filled with rabbit holes. Recently I have visited the White House web site section with all of the First Ladies, read the synopsis of movies I have never saw, revisited the works of Tennessee Williams, read how Vladimir Lenin gained and held power, exploded the wives of Frank Sinatra, and watched the YouTube video of the MTV Music Awards collaborative Lady Marmalade performance.

These times of Coronavirus are filled with fear of the unknown. Early on I decided that I would use my time in ways that filled me and kept my mind engaged. I don’t finish every puzzle. Some are too hard for my beginner status and some do not interest me, but when I find a tidbit that has me working Google it is a good day.

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