Fridays in the time of Coronavirus

For the past month I have been taking off a day a week to go trail ride horses with Dad.

We don’t talk much while on the trail, but we have noted the stages of the forest canopy filling out, the rotation of wildflowers and the growth and flowering of broad leaf magnolias. Most of all, we have had this socially distanced time together.

I’m bummed that Coronavirus cancelled mu beach trip and the Asheville Yoga Festival, but I am not all all unhappy with how I’m using my days off.

There is lots of hard stuff out their with this virus, but there is also good. I’m spending more time with the people that matter to me and doing the things I enjoy most.

I remember a social media meme that said “To ride a horse is to borrow freedom.” I always thought that freedom was the feeling I had when it was just my horse and I on an open road bed. Now I think being on horseback it is the freedom to be with family when the conventional methods are not available.

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