Love and the Modern Cowgirl


Or how online dating and looking for a new horse are eerily similar. Or looking for Mr. Good Barn.

I entered the world of on-line dating last fall. It has been an adventure. I can detect a bot in 15 words or less. I have learned that rejection is protection. I have met a couple of jerks, been stood up once, but I have also met several nice guys. I have not yet met my nice guy.

I have a 24-year-old Tennessee Walker. He is not the perfect horse, but he has been the perfect horse for me. He no longer gaits and he stumbles more often. Each ride could be our last outing. Recently I entered the modern age of looking for a horse and it feels oddly familiar.

Horse now have profile photos and videos. I’m asking friends to set me up. I have to ask about important factors like as age and height. I have to arrange meet ups. Some horses that catch my eye have been off the market for some time yet keep their profiles active. Sometimes I feel sorry for a horse I come across, but they are a lot of work to keep. My barn only has room for one more. I have to keep looking. I’m looking for a long term trial partner. I have a feeling he’ll show up at just the right time.

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