Book Review: Falling Angels

Two young girls meet in a cemetery on the day Queen Victoria dies. Two young women meet their again nine years later when King Edward dies. The Victorians valued women as wives and for their domestic skills. Mourning was elevated to an art form with a Queen who mourned her spouse for 40 years. With his randy appetites and loves of fun, Edward ushered in a time where woman began to ask for the right to vote and attended universities.

The story is told through the eyes of different main characters allowing the reader to see a changing world through the rotation of eyes and beliefs.

This book was recommended by a friend as it is one of her all time favorites. I enjoyed the read immensely.

Durning the quarantine I have enjoyed both having time to read and exploring books that are not on “must read” lists. My library is still loaning Kindle books, so I have had no problem finding books. I have a personal project, the books of Silas House, and a list from a good friend. Alternating the two lists has been ideal.

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